I am a freelance photographer based in Houston, Texas with a primary emphasis in outdoor photography for the sports enthusiast including equine, planes, race cars, sailing, hunting and other sports.  I specialize in outdoor action shoots providing clients photos to remind them of their passion.

Since 2003, I have taken every opportunity to study under several nationally and internationally acclaimed professional photographers, attending workshops, photography tours or spending a day gathering feedback on my art. My portfolio of nature photos includes Texas, Wyoming, Alaska, Galapagos, Ecuador, Scotland and Thailand. 

My fascination with photography began at an early age with access to photos of early Apollo and Mars missions processed by my father at work. I am a professionally trained musician and earned my Bachelors in Music from Westminster Choir College. I have spent as much of my life as possible outdoors intrigued by all things flying... mostly, birds and airplanes. While I no longer perform music professionally I continue to seek an artistic outlet and have found that fine art nature photography gives me an opportunity to embrace my passions of the outdoors and art.

I am blessed to have a wife who also loves the outdoors and a talented 12-year-old daughter who shares my love for nature photography and inspires me everyday with her fearless perspective in art.